Terrace Suite, nr. 3

The Terrace Suite (30 m²) is located on the first floor, at the rear of the building and directly adjacent to the inviting roof terrace. After a visit to the beautiful city centre of Leiden, that’s a great spot to relax on a sultry evening. And if the sunlight falls through the stained glass windows of the nearby mediaeval church, it will add beautiful mood lighting. The suite is decorated with oak wood and shades of grey, matching the historic ambiance and modern design. All the ingredients are there to make your visit to Leiden an unforgettable one.

Rapenburg Suite, nr. 7

The suite (30 m²) can be found on the ground floor, where you can enjoy views of the Van der Werfpark and Steenschuur canal. Your guest accommodation is situated along an extension to the Rapenburg – Leiden’s most beautiful canal, according to many. Thanks to the stucco with pretty details, an impressive mantlepiece, beautiful high ceilings and splendid windows, it’s immediately clear that you’re staying in the suite of a historic building. The tasteful interior in calm grey-blue tones, the luxurious bathroom with beautiful mosaics and the hospitality of the staff make your stay at Steenhof Suites an unforgettable one.

Sterrewacht Suite, nr. 14

The stylish guest accommodation (35 m²) is located on the 3rd floor, just like the Lodge. In the top of the Steenhof Suites building, under the impressive beamed ceiling, you’ll be surrounded by many historical details as well as contemporary comfort. The suite is named after the beautiful Leiden Observatory (Sterrewacht) from 1633, which is part of Leiden University. Through the pretty windows at the front you look out over the Steenschuur canal and you can even observe the starry sky yourself in the evening. The suite, with its sturdy wooden floorboards and royal blue and sand coloured accents, has a very warm appearance. We’d love to welcome you here.